Our vision


We believe in the true value of luxury. At its heart lies a unique and personal approach, with products and services that respect and reflect the richness of its traditions and expertise. It is our objective to promote our clients’ unique visions by introducing them to the right audiences and the right networks. In turn, this will help their businesses grow. 


Where we come from

RUPERT WILD is the owner and founder of WHITE. Back in 1991 he launched the communications agency for brand promotion Wipro. In 2006, the company was renamed WHITE Communications and continued focusing on international premium brands.

Rupert is a member of the board of examiners of Munich’s International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as a university lecturer in marketing and public relations at the University of Munich. From the very beginning, Rupert has focused on finding the right people:

creative, original and with an unstoppable drive for excellence. Many worked in the fashion and luxury industries before joining WHITE Communications, and all of them share his passion and sense of purpose. The secret to our success is not just enjoying our work, but falling in love with it.


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The heart of Munich's fashion, media and communications industries is located in the east of the city. In 2010, this vibrant area became WHITE Communications’ new home.

Both the city center and the airport can easily be reached from the WHITE offices by road or public transportation.  

Clients arriving by car will find parking spaces in the courtyard. The main entrance is located at Rosenheimer Straße 145e.

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Our Mission

Work is not just what we do, it is what we are. Skills, knowledge and the continuous pursuit of excellence are fundamental to WHITE Communications. Our close-knit teams have an international perspective and understand the needs of luxury and premium brands.

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