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White Star Awards 2015 - Outstanding Team Players

In all our professional lives, working with people who delight with their expertise, their commitment and their amiability is very important. Since 2006 WHITE Communications in Munich has recognized such outstanding team players with a special honor. On 1st of March the communications agency gave out the WHITE Star Awards for the tenth time. “With these awards, we would like to thank all our valued partners and employees,” explained Rupert Wild, owner of WHITE Communications. “Only with constructive and passionate collaboration can you make great things happen!” 


Best Service Media National: Jan Kruse, Condé Nast Verlag
Best Service Media International: Filippo Lami, Advertising Around UG
Best Media Research: Ariane Hoffmann, Nadine Laufer - Sinus Markt & Sozialforschung
Best Editor Fashion: Lale Aktay, Stylistin
Best Editor Beauty: Annika Bergmann-Pohl, Jolie
Best Editor Lifestyle: Gordon Detels, GQ
Best Editor New Media: Vreni Frost, neverever.me
Best Digital Media: Tim Huth, Axel Springer Media Impact

Excellent Performance: Martin Wössner, WHITE Media Director
Employee of the year: Romeo Tavian, PR Assistant

*Photos Copyright Petra Stadler