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WHITE COMMUNICATIONS has been a full-service communications agency for the international premium and luxury goods industry for 25 years and has locations in both Munich and New York. We serve prominent clients from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle segments and provide comprehensive services in the following areas: public relations, influencer marketing, media, digital campaign management, creative services & consulting. Our expertise is based on 25 years of experience in the premium and luxury market, on our excellent personal connections in all types of media, on our international network of staff and partners, on dozens of longstanding and satisfied clients and, last but not least, on our ability to bring a passion for detail to every single assignment we take on without ever losing sight of the overarching goal.

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Fit for the future Where and how can I best place my product? Which target audiences should I address – where, when and how? Which distribution strategy is right for me? Which PR and advertising strategy is best? Should the campaign run online, offline or both? What tools can I use to measure my success? In recent years, consulting has become an increasingly important topic for our clients – and consequently for us too. Our clients often commission us to analyse the most important parameters for distribution, marketing, PR and media even before they launch or reposition their product on the market. Our WHITE CONSULT unit answers all the above questions and many more besides. As well as our own specialists from all the different fields involved, this umbrella also covers our worldwide network of experts in all disciplines. The WHITE CONSULT team is individually reconfigured for each and every brief, thereby ensuring the client receives precisely the decision-making criteria they need for their specific strategy.

We convey messages that are heard Classic print ads or outdoor advertising? Online campaigns or guerrilla marketing? Product placement on and offline? Radio or TV commercials? Which communication channel is best for my advertising message? That’s a question our clients don’t need to ask themselves. Because perfect media planning has been one of our core competencies for 25 years! We at WHITE COMMUNICATIONS analyse the efficacy and efficiency of every campaign with pinpoint accuracy; we measure, check and scrutinise every single presence in all disciplines. Only then do we present our clients with a tailor-made solution. For messages that are actually heard. By the right consumers! Thanks to our worldwide media buying, you can always count on us to be competitive. We leave nothing to chance. A customised communications mix includes the best-possible prices in every single media channel, the exact timing, the right frequency, the ideal geography and the bespoke target group. But as well as all the technical and costing factors, perfect media planning also calls for a high degree of personal flair. We’ve been a reliable partner for years – not just for our customers, but for the media too.

PR & Influencer Marketing – we network with the networkers Social networks, messaging services, microblogs and photo communities have long been integral components of our communications. Posts, likes, followers, influencers, forums, blogs and video channels have established themselves as the indispensable ambassadors of the information society. In early 2017, there were approximately 26 million Facebook users in Germany, plus around 7 million people on Instagram, 6 million using YouTube, 3.5 million on Snapchat and 3 million using Pinterest, as well as about 1 million active Twitter accounts. Today virtually every brand and every manufacturer sends their advertising messages out into the digital world in the form of carefully targeted measures. Far from seeing these communication channels as a new discovery, we at WHITE COMMUNICATIONS have long regarded them as a matter of course. Our Digital Unit team has been firmly embedded in the networkers’ network for years. We’re not just in constant touch with all the relevant bloggers and influencers, we engage in a lively exchange with them as well; we create new brand identities and develop individual strategies for each and every one of our clients; we monitor and measure every movement on the net meticulously. And we use the Digital Luxury Study to gather all the relevant data and key figures on the premium and luxury market.

Digital Campaign Management – we customise every campaign Besides our classic media buying in the print and digital markets, we at WHITE COMMUNICATIONS have also specialised in “programmatic buying” – the fully automated and customised purchase of advertising space in real time. Advertising banners specifically geared towards the individual consumer are displayed on the basis of the user data available. The customisation of the advertising space is based on an auction process, with the space being awarded to the highest bidder after a relevance check. This process normally only takes a few milliseconds. Thanks to our digital media planning and our in-house ad server technology, we can thus guarantee the optimum results for our clients’ campaigns at the best possible price. This enables us to create highly precise audience lists, which are an indispensable tool for any retargeting campaign.

Classic Media Concepts The power of the printed word, the aesthetic of sumptuous photos, the feel of a high-class magazine – print media continue to be strong multipliers for any PR and advertising message. Germany’s unique media diversity, consisting of 400 daily and weekly newspapers, 1,600 weekly and monthly magazines and more than 500 company-financed magazines, is the crucial basis for professional press relations. The continuing trend away from mass media and towards individual and specialised niche media calls for sector experts who can decode and evaluate this confusing market as it changes day by day. For us at WHITE COMMUNICATIONS, print is both our pride and our passion – from prominent glossy magazines all the way to small-scale scenester publications, from leading nationwide media all the way to highly specialised professional journals. But we don’t just read, we cultivate personal contacts with all the relevant journalists as well. We know the editors-in-chief and publishers as well as we know the specialist editors and freelancers. That’s the only way we can guarantee our clients spot-on consulting for their advertising campaign or PR offensive and implement the agreed measures professionally.

Influencer strategies – we influence the influencers Nowadays spot-on influencer marketing is a must for any company that wants to succeed in the network of new opinion leaders. We at WHITE COMMUNICATIONS scan the net continuously. We know all the most effective influencers worldwide, analyse their posts and followers constantly and have the vital data analytics tools required for monitoring their effectiveness. That’s the only way we can offer our clients bespoke consulting as to which networks and networkers are a perfect fit with their target audience, which communities work with zero wastage, which stories hit home. As a result, we save our clients time and money, and derive optimum benefit from every campaign. And it goes without saying that, on request, we can book the right bloggers and influencers for your next customer event too.

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Blogger Outreach – we check what we do Our sound knowledge and international experience turn every influencer marketing campaign into a success. That’s because we keep a very close eye on what we do! We check every blogger for efficacy, analyse their followers and measure the growth of their account. That’s the only way we at WHITE COMMUNICATIONS can give our clients the best answers to their questions: Is the influencer a good fit with my brand? Am I reaching the right target audience in terms of age, gender and background? Are the followers “genuine” or “bought”? Our highly complex analytical tools allow us to follow every campaign in real time and measure its effectiveness. The results don’t leave any of our clients’ questions unanswered. They can see exactly how many followers the campaign has generated. When, where and how! They can assess the quality of their target audiences. They get a detailed cost-benefit analysis. And they know exactly what their competitors are doing.

Production services – Ad production and implementation The efficancy of any campaign, whether it’s print or digital, depends on professional and compelling design. Our graphic and animation designers, technicians and art directors at the WHITE COMMUNICATIONS studio are experts when it comes to the complete creative and technical implementation of ad visuals in all types of media. From the concept to the first sketch, from the artistic execution all the way to the technical delivery of the finished ad to publishers, online media or printers, we take care of the entire workflow. That includes photo and film production, high-end image retouching and processing, colour composing and colour management. For vibrant visuals in print media, static and dynamic online banners or even complete video productions. All from a single source. And all with the perfect look. WHITE COMMUNICATIONS – we tell your story in pictures. The WHITE STUDIO adapts your advertising creative to the required format whether it be press, OOH or digital, insuring your advertisement adheres to brand guidelines. We make sure your advertisement is professionally colour managed and delivered to the publisher or printer, print ready and complying with all the required technical specifications. 


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