1. For all offers, deliveries and supplies of WHITE Communications GmbH (Innsbrucker Ring 15, 81673 München, Germany) exclusively the following terms and conditions shall apply. It shall be agreed upon between WHITE and the client at the time of the first conclusion of a contract that these provisions shall equally apply to all ensuing transactions – even those contracted orally, in particular over the telephone – as well as to contracts for the performance of a continuing obligations (Dauerschuldverhältnisse), which arise from the contractual relation between WHITE and the client (in particular Media Care Agreements (Media-Betreuungsverträge), Media Planning Services and the like).

  2. These standard business conditions shall apply exclusively. Contradictory standard business conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen), in particular any general terms and conditions of the client shall not apply; even if WHITE does not expressly refutes such general terms and conditions or if WHITE delivers the services without reservation regardless of WHITE’s knowledge of such client’s general terms and conditions.

  3. Particular and ancillary agreements or covenants shall only take effect if confirmed in writing by WHITE.

WHITE Communications GmbH Innsbrucker Ring 15 
81673 München

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100 Park Avenue | New York City 
New York | 10017

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