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  1. WHITE shall be liable towards the client for intent, gross negligence, in case of damage to life, body or health, in case of violation of a guarantee or the German Product Liability Act for all damages caused by WHITE, WHITE’s legal representatives or WHITE’s vicarious agents without limitation. In case of slight negligence WHITE is liable only for breaches of material contractual obligations (an obligation whose fulfilment is required for enabling the proper fulfilment of the contract in the first place and in which the client may usually trust); in such cases WHITE’s liability is limited to the typical foreseeable damage. All other liability of WHITE is excluded.

  2. The permission to print accorded by the client shall disengage WHITE from the liability of the correctness of the presented documents. If the client has corrections carried out on its own accord, WHITE shall not incur any liability whatsoever.

  3. Insofar as hard- or software is sold by WHITE alongside with the actual performance, WHITE shall, if required, to assign and transfer any claims of WHITE against the producer and distributor of such hard- or software to the client.

  4. Insofar as WHITE hands over hardware in connection with the actual performance for temporary use, this shall occur at the client’s risk.

  5. If and insofar as the liability of WHITE is excluded, this shall apply for the personal liability of the managing directors, the employees, the representatives and persons employed by WHITE in the performance of WHITE’S obligations.

  6. The client hereby holds WHITE harmless of any and all claims that are asserted against WHITE by third parties for the alteration, transfer or other exploitation of programmes, data, information, images, sounds, photographs etc, as far as such claims result from culpable acts of the client.

  7. The responsibility for content that WHITE makes accessible online by order of the client shall, in any and every case, lie with the client. If claims are asserted against WHITE, on whatever grounds, as a responsible (Störer oder Verantwortlicher) in the sense of applicable legal provisions, WHITE shall be held harmless and be released by the client from any and all claims of third parties, as far as such claims result from culpable acts of the client.

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