1. Title of property and Industrial and intellectual property rights, in particular the rights to application for registrable rights in connection with the documents handed over alongside with the draft, shall remain with WHITE. The proposals of WHITE handed in in their draft state shall not be used by the client, even though these do may not enjoy copyright protection. These documents may not be made accessible to third parties.

  2. The transfer of licensed rights to use in copyrights or other protected or protectable rights is only made for the type of use (Nutzungsart) as made out by the order confirmation, for the stated purpose of use (Nutzungszweck) as well as, if any, the stated distribution area as well as publication media, to the stated extent and volume/editions in the stated time frames.

  3. Only upon complete payment of the remuneration including the licence fee for the transfer of the right of reproduction and distribution, the client shall receive the right to reproduce and distribute the work in volume/extent agreed upon. If the use exceed the volume/extent, time horizon and purpose, a new agreement as well as additional remuneration is required. Foreign rights or rights for further editions or publication or reproduction rights for other media not stated/contained in the order confirmation shall not be transferred nor granted. §§ 9 and 11 of the Standard Business Conditions shall remain unaffected.

  4. Limitations apply, as the case may be, for performances that WHITE bought for the client, in particular words, music, images or artistic performances. These shall be communicated to the client in each single case. The client hereby assumes the obligation to observe these limitations.

  5. The client shall not be entitled to work on the delivery or the performance in part or in whole, process it or to distribute it, save for if it is expressly included in the performance or delivery performance or delivery agreed upon.

  6. The client is not entitled to reproduce delivered software partially or as a whole on hard disk or other storage medie or to feed it to publicly accessible networks, save for if this is expressly included in the performance or delivery agreed upon or by statutory law.

  7. The originals used for the production of the employed presentation documents (exposés, treatments, drawings, plans, graphical images, prototypes etc.) as well as all such objects in stages preliminary to the final delivery or performance shall remain property of WHITE.

  8. WHITE shall be entitled to withdraw from the granting of license if the client is in default of payment.

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