WHITE Communications works for Fondazione Capellino and is delighted to represent this exceptional client. The foundation is dedicated to safeguarding nature, biodiversity and animals. Its credo: “The future is our responsibility.” Besides developing and managing projects, the organisation also champions meaningful third-party activities. The foundation was established in 2018 by Pier Giovanni Capellino, the founder of Almo Nature.

The Italian company is a premium pet food manufacturer, producing top-quality products on a purely natural basis. As a corporate citizen, the visionary entrepreneur is dedicated to a unique mission: after the deduction of costs, investments and taxes, the company makes its entire profits available to the foundation and its projects. They include Companion Animal for Life, a European project dedicated to the protection of dogs and cats; the Humans & Wildlife initiative for the protection of wildlife and predator habitats; Regenerating Villa Fortuna, an agricultural project in Piedmont focused on sustainable food production; and the Impact on Biodiversity research project, which is concerned with new methods for assessing human impact on biodiversity and measures for ensuring its preservation. Especially in the case of #WeAreBiodiversity, the foundation demonstrates a passion for developing lots of exciting approaches with great relevance for the times we live in – a philosophy it shares with WHITE Communications. That’s why the team is so looking forward to the special communication tasks it will be undertaking for Fondazione Capellino.

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