Kosmeti.co and WHITE Communications are celebrating the beginning of a special relationship. The Munich-based online shop, which has been specialising in luxury niche products for skin and hair care from Italy and the US since 2019, is now presenting the brands NUMBER 4 // ACANTHA // MAISON8PURO.

The modern natural cosmetics company champions the production and distribution of all-natural, organic cosmetics. Its hair and skin care lines are based on unshakeable principles. They are silicone and mineral oil-free and contain only the very best of what nature has to offer.

WHITE Communications is delighted to join forces with Kosmeti.co in spreading the message that natural beauty is the only kind that counts. An example: WHITE takes care of the podcast posts of spiritual blogger Rebecca Randak of Fuck Lucky Go Happy, who liked the concept so much that she presented the company’s brands in her Heiliger Bimbam podcast. Sisters Josephine and Jasmin of Ayurveda blog Prana Up Your Life also highlight the pure, vegan character of the Kosmeti.co products in a podcast. The podcast collaborations are accompanied by social media content on the bloggers’ platforms and give listeners and followers additional added value by including a discount code.

We’d be delighted to develop an individual PR campaign tailored to your products or services for you too. We look forward to hearing from you.

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