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On the occasion of the presentation of the new fragrance for women EMOZIONE by Salvatore Ferragamo in Munich on 5th February 2015, the high society from Munich was present along with many VIPs as well as press and also the CEO of Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume, Luciano Bertinelli and they provided a flurry of camera flashes on the red carpet. An incredibly emotional fragrance experience was subsequently celebrated together with all guests in the Max-Joseph-Hall of the Residence.

Among the guests were Claudia Effenberg together with her daughter as well as the model Alena Gerber, the German television presenters Katja Wunderlich, Viola Weiss, Alexandra Polzin, Michael Sporer and Alessandra Geissel.

Moreover, Salvatore Ferragamo was also happy to welcome as his guests on this special evening the former tennis player Renata Kochta, the international top model Papis Loveday, the DJ Ron Magnus Flieger as well as Giulia Siegel, Peyman Amin and Doreen Dietel. A special eye-catcher was the logo wall on the red carpet decorated with gold chains. Many people with smiling faces were bustling about and also the CEO Luciano Bertinelli had himself immortalised in front of the golden wall.

With the new fragrance for women Salvatore Ferragamo is addressing a new, more mature target group for the first time and creating an emotional and elegant fragrance experience. Yesterday evening was accentuated by a fantastic mapping – a projected image like something not from this world – on the walls of the Max-Joseph-Hall and the official TV spot of the new fragrance for women EMOZIONE.

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