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Advancing digitalization is opening new paths for the Customer Journey. Data-driven marketing, a core competence of WHITE, goes far beyond the collection and analysis of data. It optimizes targeted and personalized campaigns for each and every brand it supports.

In a recent survey, Horizont found that two-thirds of online users (69%) welcome personalized advertisement. It helps them find the things they are looking for faster and to be reminded about the products they forgot they wanted. It’s a positive outlook for data-driven marketing. Unfortunately, nearly half of all people surveyed said that product suggestions didn’t fit their interests and one-third, even said they felt most targeted advertising to be irrelevant.

We take the extra step to make sure that doesn’t happen to your brand. We start by analyzing your SEO for trends, existing competitors, content gaps and opportunities for beneficial cooperations. Then, we align your content assets to ad types and targeting methods that reach your customers based on their interests and shopping habits.

We help your brand appear in front of them where they browse and when they are ready to buy. We follow trends, run experiments and test our ads routinely to understand what works now. We do marketing smart, intelligent and brand safe. Coupled with 25 years of global experience as an agency for luxury and premium brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector, WHITE can leverage the potential for your target group-specific marketing.

Contact our SEA & SEO Expert:
Jason Demorest
+49 89 360766 75

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